Japan Tobacco's $2.25 Billion Expansion: Taking Heated Tobacco Sticks Abroad

Japan Tobacco (JT) is set to invest 300 billion yen ($2.25 billion) over the next three years to expand its heated tobacco stick products, with 200 billion yen earmarked for marketing the products outside of Japan. The move comes after a shortage of heated tobacco devices in 2022 due to semiconductor supply chain challenges. JT President Masamichi Terabatake revealed during an interview with Nikkei that the company was back on track for procurement in 2023 and expects to secure more than double Japan’s supply volume compared to the previous year.

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Juul Settles $462M Lawsuit over Underage Vaping with Six States

Juul, the popular e-cigarette company, has reached a settlement of $462 million with six states and Washington D.C. regarding a lawsuit that accused the company of targeting minors with its advertising and marketing campaigns. The settlement is the largest multi-state settlement Juul has made yet, but it is only a small part of the total amount the company has paid so far.

Background of the Lawsuit

In 2019, the New York Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Juul, alleging that the company was engaging in deceptive marketing practices and illegally selling products to minors. The lawsuit claimed that Juul was using advertising and marketing campaigns that glamorized vaping with ads that featured “young models using fruity, sweet and minty flavors that appealed to youth.” The lawsuit also alleged that Juul was using social media influencers to promote their products to minors.

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Menthol E-cigarettes Found to be 'More Toxic' Than Other Flavours

Smokers who are looking for an alternative to reduce their smoking habit have been warned to stay away from menthol e-cigarettes. According to a recent study published in Respiratory Research, menthol vapes have been found to be ‘more toxic’ than other vaping flavours. This could be particularly harmful to those who already have weakened lungs due to smoking cigarettes regularly.

Minty Flavours Generate More Toxic Microparticles

The study, conducted by American researchers, found that the minty flavour generates more toxic microparticles compared to non-menthol vapes. The microparticles could cause significant harm to individuals with weakened lungs, regardless of age and how long they have been smoking. Researchers also discovered that menthol vapers took shallower breaths and had poorer lung function compared to non-menthol smokers.

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Swap To Stop: UK Government's Scheme to Help Smokers Quit

In a bid to encourage smokers to quit tobacco, the UK government has announced a new scheme that will provide one million smokers with a free vape starter kit and support. The Swap To Stop scheme, which will also offer pregnant women who smoke up to £400 in shopping vouchers, aims to reduce the number of smokers in the country and ultimately save lives.

The Swap To Stop Scheme

The Swap To Stop scheme, announced by UK Health Minister Neil O’Brien, aims to provide one in five smokers in the country with a free vaping kit. The scheme will also offer pregnant women who smoke up to £400 in shopping vouchers as well as behavioural support to help them quit smoking. According to officials, 9% of women in England continue to smoke during pregnancy and this monetary incentive, as well as behavioural support, is expected to encourage them to quit by the end of the year.

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The Challenge of Vape Waste: Recycling and Disposal of Hazardous Materials

Vapes and e-cigarette cartridges have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, they contain hazardous materials such as toxic liquids, nicotine, and lithium batteries that can catch fire. There is growing confusion over the best way to responsibly dispose of them, which has become a challenge for Western Australia. Councils and waste management authorities are responsible for the disposal of most household rubbish, but they have limited scope to manage hazardous waste from used vapes.

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Vaping Dangers for Teenagers: US Teenager's Habit Caused Lung Collapse 4 Times

In recent years, the rise of vaping among teenagers has caused concern among health professionals due to its harmful effects. A new report in the New York Post has shed light on the story of Draven Hatfield, a teenager from the United States whose vaping addiction caused his lungs to collapse four times, ultimately requiring surgery to fix the issue.

Why did Draven Hatfield start vaping?

According to Mr Hatfield, he started vaping when he was 13 because he thought it was a “neat trend”. At first, he used disposable vape pens twice or thrice a week, but he soon became addicted to the habit. Despite being warned by his family and friends about the dangers of vaping, he continued to use e-cigarettes.

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The Importance of Collaboration Between Vape Industry Players and Regulators in Malaysia

The Malaysian Vape Industry Advocacy (MVIA) has recently released a statement urging the Health Ministry (MoH) to involve the local e-cigarettes and vape industry players in the process of developing rules and regulations following the recent tax policy introduced by the government. The MVIA emphasized the importance of including the industry in the decision-making process to address the details of liquid nicotine that will be publicly available since it was excluded from the controlled substance under the Poisons Act 1952.

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